Monday, July 24, 2006

Rhinestones Make Baby Shine!

The newest item for babies are rhinestones! We're seeing them on clothing, pacifiers, bottles and brush sets! What a way to give some pizazz to everyday baby items! Featured here are three custom rhinestone onesies. Onesies are available at

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rise in Multiple Births Creates Need for New Products

Round Twins Crib

Heart Shaped Twins Crib
Over the past two decades, there's been a phenomenal rise in the number of multiple births in the United States. Between 1980 and 1997, the number of twin births increased by 52% and the number of births involving three or more babies has quadrupled! Manufacturers of baby products are now marketing to parents of twins and triplets. Featured here are cribs for twins and triplets which later can be separated into two separate cribs! Made in the USA in accordance with strict safety standards, these cribs are unique and decorative yet practical at the same time! Available at

Saturday, July 08, 2006

James Girone Guide To Children's Fashion

The Online Shopper By Tina Barry
Summer '06 Gift Shopping: Star Treatment

Two items available on Taylor's Baby ( will leave baby clean, sweetly scented and fashionably cozy as well. Celebrities like Angela Basset and Serena Williams are fans of Jenerations Baby products. The line is developed by Jennifer Reilly, a salon owner and mother of two whose items feature all natural ingredients. Her Jenerations Gift Set ($62) includes shampoo, lotion and hair gel in a unisex, fresh yellow gift box. After baby is washed and his hair is stylishly gelled, wrap the little one in the cotton Terry Bathrobe ($40) from Cute as Buttons. The garments (sizes 1-6) can be monogrammed with up to three initials or the child's full name.

Twins Getting Out and About

One of the most frustrating things I’ve found about being the mother of twins is that getting out of the house alone with them can be very difficult. I’ve often longingly thought back to my leisurely outings with my first child and wished life were still that easy now! Nonetheless, however challenging it may be to get out and about with two babies, with a little planning and flexibility, it is entirely possible to go do errands, visit with family and friends, or just get outside for some fresh air.

Getting Ready
Things go much more smoothly when you’ve got everything you need organized before you start getting your twins ready to go. So while they are either napping or playing on their own, get going by making sure the diaper bag is stocked and ready with the necessary supplies, including food, drinks and a change of clothes. Next, get out their coats, shoes, hats or snowsuits, and put them where you will be dressing the babies. If they still travel in infant car seats, put these ready to go by the door or have your stroller just outside. Don’t forget about supplies that you’ll need to keep yourself happy too, such as a coffee or something to munch on later.

Getting Out
After you change the babies’ diapers, get them dressed and into the car seat or stroller, beginning with the twin who is likely to be the most agreeable at that time (the less crying, the better!). If they are out of their infant car seats, you either carry both of them out to your vehicle at the same time (not an easy feat), or leave one in a safe place in the house while you put the other one in the vehicle or stroller first. Be ready for either one or both babies to be madly crying while you do this!

Getting About
Most times you will be using a stroller to transport your twins. There are many types of twin strollers or double strollers on the market to suit the different needs of your lifestyle. If your main activity will be going for walks or jogs with your babies, you’ll need to have either a good double all-terrain stroller or a double jogging stroller. If you will often have to take them along for errands and shopping, then a regular mall double stroller is all you need. With infants, a double universal car seat carrier (stroller frame) is invaluable, since they can remain comfortably in their infant car seats while you transfer them from the house or vehicle to the wheeled frame. There are lots of options out there, so make sure you research what your lifestyle needs are before purchasing a double stroller, since they are more expensive and will need to take double the abuse of single strollers. It will make your outings much more pleasant if your stroller has all the features you really need and want.

Getting Help
If you can, plan to have someone come along and help you from time to time when you go out with your twins. Schedule a relaxed afternoon of shopping with your mom or a trip to the zoo with a friend. Having an extra pair of hands makes the outing a lot easier and it gives you the opportunity to have some adult conversation for a change!Getting RealUnfortunately, there will be some days when you really want to get out of the house with your twins and it just won’t be possible without you having a nervous breakdown. Either one baby or both will wake up cranky from their nap and won’t settle down, or a feeding might take longer than you thought it would, and so on. With twins, as with all babies, you have to be flexible and accept that some days, your plans to get out and about need to be scrapped, or at least modified in some way. Perhaps a doctor’s appointment can’t be missed, but a short trip to grandma’s can be rescheduled for another day. Take heart by realizing that as your twins get older, this, as well as everything else, will get a lot easier.

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Planning A Successful Baby Shower

Planning A Successful Baby Shower
Planning a baby shower can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience, however it is important to know the do's and don'ts of organizing showers before you get started. Today's baby showers are becoming more of a highly-organized event than they were in the past and this article will get you up to speed. Baby showers can make an expectant mother feel more secure in the fact that her friends are all pulling for her and giving moral and financial support. Usually the baby shower is organized by non-relatives. But today, there is isn’t abnormal to find family members, support group members, church friends and pretty much anyone except the expecting mother.

Inviting the Guests Who should you invite? Usually, the guest list will only include those nearest and dearest to the expectant mother. It wouldn’t hurt if she gets a first look at the guest list so that she can suggest who should be invited. If you are planning a surprise baby shower, you will have to do a little research on who should be attending instead of running the list through the expectant mother. If the child is not a firstborn, you may opt to keep the number of guests down to the closest to the mother. Firstborn baby showers tend to have a larger guest list since it is, after all, the mother’s first time. The thing to remember is that the nature of baby showers is intimacy. So, for any baby shower party, try making the gathering one of intimate friends. You could use informal ways to invite these guests: email, phone and others. Invitation cards and other letters are the best way, however, as they provide a tangible, traceable evidence of invitation. Plus, it is the most sure and formal way to invite a person – and in many cultures – the only way.

What About the Guys The nature of the party is probably going to tend towards the feminine side; if the organizers of the party have a provision for this, then inviting men would be fine. It also depends on the men, since the party may dwell on topics such as pregnancy, children, and other motherly topics, they might not be that excited to join. All in all, it depends on the preference of the organizers.

Venue Anywhere! As long as it can keep with the placid and fun nature of the occasion, any place would be fine. The more usual places on baby shower lists are backyards, formal halls, restaurants, and basically any room that has the amenities to make a baby shower successful. Just make sure the venue is not crowded and stressful to the mother-to-be. It also pays to make sure the venue is set long before the actual baby shower happens.

When to Throw a Baby Shower Usually this is one or two months before her due. The baby shower is the perfect time to get your friend baby needs and stuff she may not have had time to purchase yet. It has to be well-timed though – not too close to the due date, and not to far as to whittle down the excitement. Baby showers are a pleasant surprise to expecting mothers. It takes a lot of the stress of expecting a child off of their minds and provides a means for friends to show support and concern (and of course, baby gifts) to expecting friends. A properly coordinated baby shower will be greatly appreciated and forever remembered by mothers long after they have delivered their children.

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Taylor's Baby Featured Designer For July

Taylor's Featured Designer of the Month for July is

All About Emma

All about Emma is a mother/daughter owned company founded in Marietta, Georgia. Together they have more than 20 years of sewing experience. Originally founded in July, 2004, we first met this Mother/Daughter team at the Atlanta Gift Show in January 2005. Their custom made to order products were a huge success with store owners! All About Emma specializes in high quality, custom baby accessories. Their products are professionally handcrafted using quality fabrics, and we offer custom monograms and embroidered designs.

Taylor's Baby admires the use of classic toile and gingham fabrics in their designs. The attention to detail in all they create must be seen to be appreciated in full.

Taylor's Baby is offering a sale this month of All About Emma's Custom Monogrammed Diaper Bags & Memory Boards! Visit the entire collection at