Thursday, March 30, 2006

Taylors New Layette Department!

Come visit Taylor's Baby Love's Newest Department! We have put together a collection of embroidered and monogrammed layette essentials and gift sets. Great gift ideas for showers or new arrivals!

Buying The Perfect Baby Gift

Buying The Perfect Baby Gifts
With the arrival of a new baby, friends and family members of the new parents should think about what baby gifts to buy. However, the gifts bought would depend on the gender of the baby. This is mostly the case with colors. Girls traditionally get pink gifts while boys would get blue. You can go with a neutral color if purchasing it before the birth.
The best baby gifts, especially for baby showers are something to announce the birth of the new baby. This can be anything like a lace handkerchief, baby pillow, a personalized silver spoon, a picture frame, or a personalized diaper bag. Many parents would prefer to receive a personalized gift rather than one without any sentimental value attached to it. Putting a little thought into this can go a long way towards getting just the right item.
The second idea that could be bought for a baby is toys. All children love toys, and a soft cuddly teddy bear, doll, or truck can be played with by children of all ages. Depending on the toy selected it can be played with even until the child is older. It is important to check the age level that the toy is recommended for before you purchase it though. This can avoid you buying a toy that is not safe.
The third idea that would be good baby gift is clothing. There are numerous clothes that someone could buy for a little baby boy or girl. It makes a thoughtful and considerate purchase for the new parents as clothing is something that all children can always use.
Very popular baby gifts to buy are a basket of various items for the new baby and mother. This can include a healthy food basket for mom, or a basket filled with numerous baby supplies for the baby. In this way, both mom and baby will be able to enjoy the gift together.
Therefore these are just some possible ideas that can be considered as baby gifts. Look around various stores or websites for more ideas on the popular trends in gift giving. You want your gift to be both memorable and useful so try to put some thought into it. The new parents will very thankful if you do.
James McDonald writes for find baby products, a resource for new parents to locate some of the essential supplies for raising their little one. We add informative articles that answer alot of questions that you may have.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

$10 Off All Custom Handknits thru 4/30!

Taylors Baby Love is having a Spring Sweater Sale! All handknits by JuneBee Baby are $10 off - instock and custom orders! As featured in The James Girone Guide to Children's Fashion's Tina Barry Report! These are just some of the beautiful handknit designs. Visit to view JuneBee Baby's entire line of custom 100% handknit sweaters.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fabulous Finds For Baby

Silverware that is skillfully crafted by hand. The silver plated Oneida pieces are embellished with silver letter beads and colorful accent beads. Personalize the silverware with the baby's name or special word! Available in individual pieces or in a set for a great gift! For more info visit in our Keepsake Gift Category

Faux Fur Capelet
Here comes little Miss Hollywood! What a great addition to little girl's dress up wardrobe! Available in chocolate brown or pink with a satin tie bibbon. This capelet is available in sizes 18 months to 6. To order visit and visit our Li'l Princess Clothing Department

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Taylors Featured Designer Of The Month - March

Taylor's Featured Designer of the Month is Rebecca Turner. Rebecca turns children's furniture into a new experience in decorating. The details in her handpainted pieces are extraordinary. She then takes it one step further by accenting her pieces with creative drawpulls, corkboards, and 3D pieces for extra hanging space. Rebecca believes every piece of furniture has a story to tell. Creating a fantasy theme room is easy with her pieces! From baseball, to the circus to a flower garden, the choices are endless. To see more of Rebecca's pieces, visit our Li'l Princess and Li'l Prince Handpainted Furniture Sections at

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peeling Away The Layers Of Spring By Tina Barry

March 2006- Peeling Away the Layers Of Spring with Tina Barry
You can sense the love that goes into every stitch of JuneBee Baby's sweet infant and children's sweaters. Log on to Taylor's Baby Love ( where you'll fall for the Kitty Cutie Zipper Hoodie Sweater for boys. The 100 percent cotton, zip-front sweater is knit in soft yellow cotton and detailed with light blue cat heads ($75, NB-4T). The Happy Sun Sweater in a lacy white knit edged in yellow and detailed with smiling sun pockets will elicit sighs of delight from his sister ($72, NB-4T).

Friday, March 24, 2006

Classic Moses Baskets Gone Retro

Moses Baskets have a new retro look! These award winning baskets by HooHobbers are made of 100% cotton fabrics. Available at

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 6 Hottest Trends for Baby & Children

1- Fabrics have taken a retro turn back in time with large patterns accented in big circles and stripes in rich chocolates accented with coordinating pinks and blues. Going further back in time, Vintage Etoile patterns combined with coordinating stripes or plaids are available in all colors from pastels, to browns and blacks for crib sets, diaper bags and moses baskets.
2- No more boring vinyl diaper bags - custom diaper bags are the way to go! Fabric choices with coordinating embroidered monograms give a special personal touch! Custom bags with your baby's photo transferred on to heavy bridal satin in color or black and white and trimmed in marabou give a chic look to an old favorite. A gift Mom is sure to love. Backpack style diapers bags are great for Mom's that do alot of walking with baby and are available in designer fabrics.
3- Handpainted letters accented with coordinating hanging ribbon can be painted to match any decor. There are many designs and color combinations to choose from from simple solid colors to complex designs that mimick your fabric decor. Children love to see their own name or a special word like "baby" or "bath" for an extra special gift.
4- Round and heartshaped cribs are the newest in crib design and yes they are 100% safe, meeting and exceeding US Safety Standards! Available in woods, metals and heavy designed plastic and a variety of finishes. Mattresses are included. Spectacular coordinating bedding sets help to create a fairytale crib.
5- Boutique Hairbows just keep getting bigger and more colorful! So many ribbon choices in so many colors, there is a set of bows especially for your little girl! Be sure you are purchasing quality grossgrain ribbon and bows that are attached to the barrette with jewelry wire that does not fray.
6- Tutus! Yes tutus have gone from a classic dance class staple to a designer trend. Featured in Cookie Magazine's 2005 Holiday Gift Guide, tutus are now available in a rainbow of colors with coordinating ribbons. Accents such as butterflies, pom poms, bows and flower petals have taken tutus from dance class to a fashion frenzy.

View all of these products at

Tutu's - The New Little Girl Fashion

Tutu's are a perfect gift for little girls! Available in many styles and colors they are perfect for dress up, halloween or ballet class. Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and what a gift to help that dream come true! Visit for additional styles and colors.

How To Design A Little Girl's Fairytale Bedroom

Every little girl dreams of having a fairytale bedroom, even the ones that can act like a real tom-boy! Use your daughter's childhood years to create memories that will stay with her for a lifetime. It's really not as difficult as it sounds! All it takes is some creativity and a little bit of shopping. It doesn't even have to cost a lot to transform a ho-hum bedroom into a little girl's dream land fantasy world. This is the time to let out your own little inner kid and have some fun!The fairytale concept covers alot of themes, from castles, princesses, knights and dragons, to fairies with lots of glitter and lace (of course), so the first step is to figure out what your little girl would really enjoy. That's an easy one to figure out...just ask!Let's look at some designs that might be perfect for a young lady's dream bedroom.ZZ Designs is a pretty popular bedding designer that you may have heard of- they offer several selections you may want to consider.The first is their Fairy Princess Bedding set which includes a quilt featuring a castle motif with a creative hem that reflects the shapes of the towers of the castle. Placed over a white bed skirt with white frilly or billowing drapes, this choice of 100% cotton can begin your dream bedroom design. The color scheme of the bedding includes white, pink, lavender, and purple. You can even add a canopy for her bed with 10 yards of shimmery fabric to really finish off look. Just put a nice stable hook in the ceiling at the center of her bed and then let the fabric halves hang and billow from the center down, and attach toward all the corners of the bed. There are other more detailed instructions for creating your own canopy type effects, just type it in to your browser! Pretty nifty!Another ZZ Designs selection you'll want to check out is called A Little Sugar and Spice. Shades of pink vary from very light to a more dark pink. The 100% cotton quilt features bows, hearts, butterflies and flowers. Each pillow sham features three beautiful hearts. This set is available up to queen size.California Kids Company offers a quilt that could become the decorating center piece of the perfect little girl's fairytale bedroom. The hand-made 100% cotton quilt features appliqu├ęs of a castle, carriage, slipper and other princess designs. This line provides lots of choices because the same design is available as a duvet cover, and both the quilt and duvet cover are available up to queen size. Matching print sheets, pillow shams and bed skirt, dust ruffle, window dressing, bed canopy for camelback or regular canopies and a whole collection of other accessories give you lots to mix and match to best fit your space.No matter what bedding you choose, you'll definitely want to add something like the Princess Castle lamp by CK Designs. A pink castle with blue accents holds a pink shade on the tallest tower top. The lamp is operated by a pull chain which features a glow in the dark quarter moon to make the lamp easy to find in the dark. This is a thoughtful choice for any little girl's fantasy bedroom. It's often difficult to teach children to sleep alone in the dark but the comforting presence of the shining moon can be used to comfort her that SHE is in control and can get to the light easily if she wakes up frightened or has a bad dream. A beautiful touch for a bedroom with few windows but a lot of wall space is That's My Room's Castle Window Mural. It creates the feel of a stone arch window facing toward another beautiful castle in the distance. This can add an airy touch to a bedroom that has no attractive outdoor scenery to open the windows toward. You could hang a billow length of satiny cloth around the mural so it looks like real drapes- and you'll have a very realistic looking window added to your child's castle!How about adding some neat little finishing touches like a glittery wand, some sparkly little shoes that you could customize with glitter and lace. You could buy a few little castle figurines and place them just so for the perfect daydreams! Decorating for your little princess can be fun. If you never had the dream bedroom you always wanted, you know how much a perfect bedroom can mean. So fulfill your little girl's dreams while you can!All too soon she will grow up and move into her very own castle.
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